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She expresses her gratitude with Laba congee
Source: Shenyang WeChat Official Account 2022-01-12

Arili, a foreign student from Mongolia,made a bowl of Laba congee by herself on the occasion of graduating from graduate school,and gave it to her teacher on Laba Festival to thank the teacher for her deep friendship.

Before dawn, Arili and her friend Anna set foot in the morning market to buy ingredients.They successfully completed the selection of raw materials according to the "Ingredients Guide".

The two who prepared the materials were chatting while doing the Laba congee.While sharing the joy of returning home with her friend, Arili also recalled the days that she had almost given up after failing to pass the external reviews of her graduation thesis twice last summer.

At that time, Arili, who was going to return to Mongolia after donating the clothes, accidentally met Jiang Tao, the dean of the International Education College.Dean Jiang's humorous encouragement gave Arili the determination to keep going.

With the patient guidance of her tutor and the enthusiastic help of her family and friends, Arili finally passed her third external review and ushered in her graduation day.

Recalling this, Arili specially added mutton, the Mongolian food for honorable guests, to the Laba congee.She gave it to her teacher at the Degree Conferring Ceremony at the Liaoning University.

"As a Mongolian proverb goes, 'the gift of a needle in bad times is worth more than a camel in good times.' This period is the most precious memory for me."This is the summary of Arili's four and a half years in China, as well as the heartfelt gratitude to her Chinese family.