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Shenyang CDC releases the latest health reminder
Source: Shenyang WeChat Official Account 2023-01-30

With the ending

of the Spring Festival holiday,

people started returning to work.

On January 29,

Shenyang CDC

released a health reminder

for people returning to work.

According to Zhang Linlin, the physician-in-charge of the Infectious Disease Prevention and Control Institute of Shenyang CDC, at present, respiratory infectious diseases are still in the high incidence season, and the temperature is generally low everywhere.Please pay attention to the weather changes in time and keep warm; when taking public transportation, wear masks in a standardized manner, wash hands in time after arriving at the unit or home, and avoid touching mouth, eyes and nose with dirty hands.

Perform good self-health monitoring and pay close attention to the health condition of yourself and your family members.If there is fever, dry cough, fatigue, sore throat and other symptoms, it is recommended to rest at home and return to work after the symptoms disappear.Avoid going to public places and actively reduce contact with family members and friends to prevent diseases from spreading. If the condition is serious, seek medical attention in time.

Work and rest regularly. During the Spring Festival holiday, everyone is used to staying up late and getting up late, which disrupts the normal biological clock of the human bodies.It is suggested to develop a good living habit of regular work and rest, relax the body, work out appropriately and moderately, and improve the quality of sleep.