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About COVID-19 vaccination
Source: Shenyang WeChat Official Account 2022-12-16

On December 15,Jia Nina,the deputy director of the Institute of Immunization Planning of Shenyang CDC,answered questions about COVID-19 vaccination.


Q: Is vaccination still effective after novel coronavirus has mutated?

A: Now there are some claims that the virus has mutated, so that the infection will occur although COVID-19 vaccination is conducted, therefore, it is better to have antibodies after being infected once and it is unnecessary to vaccinate with COVID-19 vaccine. This idea is wrong. COVID-19 vaccination is not only to prevent infection, but also to prevent the attack, especially to prevent severe illness and death. According to the present situation, although the effect of COVID-19 vaccine in preventing infection is not as ideal as expected, its effect in preventing severe illness and death is still very significant.


Q: Is it necessary for old people over 80 to receive COVID-19 vaccination if they stay at home for a long time and rarely go out?

A: Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the virus has been mutating. The Omicron variant is still dangerous for old people who have not been vaccinated with COVID-19 vaccine. Vaccination still has a good effect in the prevention of severe illness and death. Old people and other vulnerable groups have benefited significantly from vaccination. In addition, even if people at the advanced age stay at home for a long time and rarely go out, they may still be infected in the process of relatives' accompany or visit. Therefore, it is necessary for old people over 80 to receive COVID-19 vaccination.


Q: What kind of people can receive the fourth dose of COVID-19 vaccine?

A: On December 13, the state provided the training on the fourth dose vaccination programme. It is required to ensure high-risk special groups willing to receive the fourth dose have access to it, and ultimately reduce severe illness and death.

Target population: people who have completed the first dose of booster immunization, people at high risk of infection, old people over 60, people with serious basic diseases and people with low immunity.

Interval: the interval between the second dose of booster immunization and the first dose of booster immunization is more than 6 months.