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Tips from Shenyang CDC
Source: Shenyang WeChat Official Account 2022-12-13

What if one's initial screening result of the mixed-tube testing is positive?

On December 12,Lian Zhiyong,Director of the Emergency Management Office of Shenyang CDC,answered this question in the media interview.

For citizens who participated in the normalized nucleic acid testing, if they receive a phone call from departments of health or receive a text message to notify that their results of mixed-tube testing are abnormal, they can hold the message to receive a free single-person single-tube recheck sampling within 24 hours nearby.

Shenyang CDC reminds:Please be calm and do not be nervous.Please patiently wait for the recheck result according to the following steps.

For those with positive initial screening results of mixed-tube testing, they should actively cooperate in completing single-tube sampling, wear N95 masks, go to the nearest nucleic acid sampling point, and show the message content for single-tube sampling.They should perform a good personal protection on the way to and from the sampling point and not take public transportation. After sampling, they should immediately return to their residences.Before the nucleic acid results come out, they shall strictly implement home quarantine measures. The nucleic acid retest results can be queried through "Liaoshitong".

If the retesting result is negative, it is recommended to perform a 5-day self-health monitoring.If the retesting result is positive, report to the community and the unit, carry out 7-day home quarantine, and perform a good personnel protection to reduce the risk of family infection.