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Reminders for college students
Source: Shenyang WeChat Official Account 2022-09-22

Recently,Liaoning University and Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine ushered in the first batch of students returning to campus.Their smiling faces made the quiet campus full of vitality.

College students are returning to campus in Shenyang gradually.The movement of people is frequent,and the risk and the pressure of epidemic prevention and control are rising.In order to effectively control and block the risk of epidemic transmission,on September 21,Shenyang CDC reminded: college students should implement health monitoring after returning to campus.

Personnel with a sojourn history in risk areas and those who have interactions with people involved in the epidemic should report immediately and cooperate with the implementation of quarantine and control measures as required.

College students returning to campus in Shenyang should implement personal protection on the way back to campus and conduct health monitoring after entering campus.

College faculty and students in low-risk areas returning to campus trans-provincially must hold a negative certificate of nucleic acid testing within 48 hours.After returning to campus,if the departure place is identified as a medium-or high-risk area,they should report to the school and the community in time.After returning to campus,health monitoring and nucleic acid testing should be carried out as required.