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The customs clearance time for Thailand durians in Shenyang is only half an hour
Source: Shenyang Daily 2019-04-30

A plane carrying 153 passengers took off from Suvarnabhumi Airport in Thailand and arrived at Shenyang Taoxian International Airport after a six-hour flight on April 29. There were also special "passengers" on the flight -- 700 kilograms of Monthong durians imported from Thailand. The total number of imported durian is 50 boxes, all of which are "naturally matured" fruits of Thailand that have not been ripened by drugs. The individual durian can reach 90% maturity. The fruits are green organic products.

This is the first time that Shenyang enterprises try to directly import Thailand "naturally matured" fruit. Due to the high sugar content and starch content of high-maturity fruits, it is difficult to store them for a long time. Therefore, there is a very high requirement for customs clearance time. Shenyang Customs District P.R.China provided convenient customs clearance for the goods. The fruits were checked and released within half an hour after entering the country.

The officer of Shenyang Customs District P.R.China in Shenyang Taoxian International Airport introduced that Shenyang Customs District P.R.China adheres to the implementation of reservation clearance system, and provides tailored clearance service for the "fresh, urgent and special" imported goods, so as to realize the on-call inspection of goods and guarantee the urgent and special needs of enterprises. After the arrival of these durians, Shenyang Airport Port will continue to usher in cherry, beef, lobster and other kinds of fresh products entering the country by direct flights.

Reporter Zhao Guoqing, Han Xiaochen, Xu Zhe