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Cycling enthusiasts here has exceeded 500,000
Source: Shenyang WeChat Official Account 2022-07-13

Ride a bicycle

along the Hunhe Waterfront Slow Space

to exercise and enjoy the city scenery...


organized by

the Shenyang Cycling Association,

the activity

of "Charming Hunhe,Happy Cycling"

National Fitness

Cycling Along the Hunhe River

was launched

in Shenyang Peace Cup World Football Park.

Liu Changjun,president of Shenyang Cycling Association,said,"In recent years,cycling has become more and more popular in Shenyang.People aged 3 to 80 are actively participating in it.According to the statistics of our association,the current number of cycling enthusiasts in Shenyang has exceeded 500,000."

According to the introduction,

there are two types

of cycling currently:

one is completely

for the purpose of physical exercise,

and the other is

a combination of sports and tourism.

Enthusiasts who aim at exercising mainly choose to ride on Hunhe Slow Space,Puhe Slow Space,Qipan Mountain and other routes.

The routes that take tourism into account are more extensive.Cycling in the city mainly takes scenic spots such as Qipan Mountain and Wolong Lake as the destination,and famous scenic spots such as Guanmen Mountain and Qianshan Mountain in the province are popular.

Ride all the way

and enjoy the scenery all the way.

Let's start cycling!