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A "map" tells you the internet-famous sites
Source: Shenyang WeChat Official Account 2022-01-18

In recent years,

more and more

internet-famous sites in Shenyang

have become people's "favorites".

Where are these internet-famous sites?

A "map" will tell you!

On January 17th,

the "Shenyang Most Beautiful

Internet-Famous Sites Map Version 1.0"

was officially launched!

The "Shenyang Most Beautiful Internet-Famous Sites Map" applet launched in the first phase has gathered more than 400 "internet-famous sites" with good look, temperament, culture, connotation, personality and characteristics. The "map" covers the most representative and popular internet-famous scenic spots, gourmet restaurants and other trendy lifestyle spots in Shenyang.

These internet-famous sites have the characteristics of Shenyang, showing the new look of Shenyang, the new fashion of the ancient capital, the new landmark of fashion, and the new consumption scene.

In the future, "Shenyang Most Beautiful Internet-Famous Sites Map Version 2.0" will also be launched to introduce more trendy spots with delicacies and fun.

According to the "map",

let's enjoy the beautiful Shenyang!