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"Quality Heping·Nightlife Festival" is coming
Source: Shenyang WeChat Official Account 2021-06-10

With the pace of summer,

the 2nd "Quality Heping· Nightlife Festival"

is coming as scheduled.

It will officially kick off

in Shenyang MIXCITY Mall on June 12.

By the time,

"Now Plaza",

elected as one of

the 2020 Twelve Business Cards

of Heping District

will also officially open to public.

2021 "Now Plaza" is divided into 6 major market areas, bringing together more than 70 selected urban cutting-edge trendy shops, integrating cuisine, literature and art, fashion and quality, and a comfortable lifestyle, to bring this summer extraordinary and wonderful enjoyment.

This summer, in Heping District,

there are so many things you can do!


to experience the high-end markets.

Go to TRUE Night Market and Xita Street

to experience the exotic atmosphere.

Go to the Old North Market

and Shenyang K11 Art Mall

to experience the cultural charm.

Go to the 858 Block of the South Market

and Fountain Alley

to travel through history and modernity,

and simplicity and fashion.

Go to Taiyuanli

and Rong IN·BOX Container Town

to enjoy the passion of the trend.

This summer,

go to Heping District

and experience the vitality of the "night"!