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Internet big data restores the peaceful and happy Spring Festival in the Year of the Ox of Shenyang
Zhongjie Road becomes the most popular business area in Northeast China
Source: Shenyang Daily 2021-02-18

How did you spend the Spring Festival in the Year of the Ox? On February 17, the last day of the Spring Festival holiday, many domestic Internet platforms released the Spring Festival big data, many of which are the digital consumption and economic activity trajectories of the residents in Liaoning and Shenyang.


Shenyang residents' consumption level on Zhongjie Road exceeds the national level

The pulling effect of the long Spring Festival holiday on consumption was reflected in the domestic shopping mall and supermarket retail industry. The data shows that in the Chinese New Year, the amount of Alipay transactions in popular business areas across the country increased by an average of 108 percent. Among them, Shenyang Zhongjie Road became the most popular business district in the northeast China. During the Spring Festival, many residents were attracted to spend money on Zhongjie Road, and the Alipay consumption increased by 137 percent compared with the same period last year, far exceeding the national average level.


Shenyang people break the "strong flavor" tradition

The data from the RT-MART Supermarket shows that the trend of festival consumption upgrading is obvious. This year's Spring Festival, many Shenyang people shifted their restaurant spending budgets to their own tables. The sales of Boston lobster increased more than two times over last year's Spring Festival, and the sales of fruit gift boxes such as cherries, kiwis, and strawberries all saw varying degrees of growth. In addition, Shenyang people also broke the traditional impression of "strong flavor", the sales of the top three hot pot soup flavor is tomato, mushroom soup and beef tallow.


The bathing consumption in Shenyang ranks first in the country

"This year, instead of going to Sanya, I booked a nearby hot spring ski resort," said Mr. Li in Shenyang. The data from Fliggy App shows that local tour bookings rose by 660 percent. According to Alipay data, local hotel consumption and local scenic area consumption have also realized double growth. Parent-child rooms, ski resorts and bath centers became the top three searches related to "local tourism" on Alipay. Alipay data also shows that the consumption of bathing in Shenyang steadily ranked first in the country.

Following TV series

Liaoning ranks first in the country in terms of average daily viewing hours of TV series

Staying put for the Spring Festival also pushed up online video consumption. The data from Youku shows that from the first day of Spring Festival travel rush (January 28) to the fourth day of the first month of the lunar calendar (February 15), over 1.3 billion people watched TV series and movies online, and the average daily viewing time of users was nearly 1.5 hours, with an increase of 19.6 percent over last year. Liaoning ranked first in the country in terms of average daily viewing hours of TV series. The new way to spend the new year holiday is to stay at home and watch TV series and movies. Compared with the traditional evening viewing peak, 12:00 to 15:00 has also been created as the "noon peak".

Trending word

Shenyang online blind dating ranks third in the country

During the Chinese New Year, Quark App search data witnessed the new Chinese New Year customs of young people in the digital era. The trending words on Quark App since the Chinese Lunar New Year's eve include: lucky card collection, video New Year's Eve dinner, emoji blessing, and online blind dating. Among them, Shenyang ranked third in the search of online blind dating. Fitness has also become a new trend to spend the holiday healthily. Liaoning topped the list of the country's most popular fitness searches, with hot topics including "how to exercise abs" and "what to eat for fat loss".


Shenyang ranks in top 10 for the pet's New Year's Eve dinner

"Spending the Chinese New Year with pets" is increasingly becoming a new trend for the Chinese New Year. The data from Tmall shows that pet-related consumption during the Spring Festival has grown significantly. Among them, the sales of pet clothing, pet's New Year's Eve dinner, pet harness and other pet supplies have increased by more than 100 percent year-on-year. Automatic feeders and intelligent cat toilets have also become essential tools for raising pets, freeing the hands of the pet keeper. Among them, Shenyang among the top ten cities in the country on the consumption of the pet's New Year's Eve dinner.

Reporter Liu Yang, Li Hao