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Shenyang Modernization Metropolitan Area allows more people to enjoy the high-quality life earlier
Source: Shenyang Daily 2023-02-02

"Together with the cities (districts) of the metropolitan area, centering on the three-year action plan and this year's key work tasks, Shenyang will focus on key projects and major cooperation matters, promote the implementation of various tasks in the metropolitan area, promote the construction of Shenyang Modernization Metropolitan Area to achieve new breakthroughs, so that more people can enjoy the high-quality work and life brought by the metropolitan area earlier." On February 1, around studying and implementing the spirit of Shenyang's special action mobilization and deployment conference of "Revitalization of New Breakthroughs, I want to be a Pioneer", the relevant person in charge of Shenyang Municipal Development and Reform Commission made the following statement on the construction of Shenyang Modernization Metropolitan Area.

In 2022, with Shenyang as the center, including seven cities and one district such as Anshan, covering an area of 70,000 square kilometers, the construction of Shenyang Modernization Metropolitan Area has been set off.

Shenyang Modernization Metropolitan Area has established a scientific working system and held more than 30 meetings, including the first joint meeting of secretaries and mayors of Shenyang Modernization Metropolitan Area and special promotion group meeting, joint meeting of mayors of metropolitan area, joint meeting of executive vice mayors of metropolitan area, the office meeting of leading group of Shenyang Modernization Metropolitan Area and the video conference in key areas. Shenyang has established a four-level work promotion mechanism, issued a three-year action plan and annual work points for the metropolitan area, and co-signed six framework agreements, such as the joint construction and sharing of Shenyang's China-Europe freight train and the metropolitan area's "cross-region handling". Shenyang has determined the theme of building a modernized metropolitan area with joint planning, joint transportation, joint industry chain, shared platform, joint ecological protection, joint cultural and tourism construction, and joint social governance.

The work of the metropolitan area is progressing solidly. Shenyang has compiled and completed the Development Plan of Shenyang Modernized Metropolitan Area, prepared and implemented spatial synergy and special planning, and established a comprehensive planning evaluation system.

The transportation interconnection speeds up. Shenyang has achieved effective results in creating a convenient metropolitan area, a metropolitan area on rails and a smart metropolitan area.

The industry co-chain is being strengthened. Work is in full swing in Shenyang to improve the industrial chain, optimize the cooperation space and build industrial parks.

Platform sharing takes a substantial step forward. Shenyang jointly builds and shares the productive, living and open platform, and gradually builds a resource element agglomeration area and scientific and technological innovation highland that radiates Northeast China and even Northeast Asia. At present, 54 schools in other cities in the metropolitan area have carried out pairing activities, and cooperated with the establishment of China-Europe freight train (Shenyang) Assembly Center and Airport Economic Zone to run 622 China-Europe freight trains, ranking first in Northeast China and sixth in China.

Ecological co-preservation forms a powerful force. Shenyang has promoted coordinated management of key river basins, jointly managed comprehensive prevention and control of air pollution, jointly improved soil pollution control and remediation capabilities, jointly promoted pollution remediation of industrial agglomeration areas, carried out "all-factor" monitoring of soil environmental quality of agricultural land, and developed green and low-carbon industries and other beautiful hometown construction.

The joint construction of culture and tourism has become beautiful scenery. Shenyang Modernization Metropolitan Area works together to build a well-known cultural tourism destination in Northeast Asia, makes full use of tourism resources, builds key tourism projects, and jointly holds sports events and other activities. In the past year, nearly 10 sports activities events such as Shenyang Modern Metropolitan Area Hiking Conference, Community Games, Wushu Conference, Dragon Boat Competition and International Youth Football Tournament were held.

The relevant person in charge of Shenyang Municipal Development and Reform Commission said that in 2023, the construction of Shenyang Modern Metropolitan Area will be taken to the next level: Together with the cities (districts) of the metropolitan area, around the three-year action plan and the key tasks in 2023, they will grasp the key projects and major cooperation matters to promote the implementation of the tasks of the metropolitan area. In accordance with the requirements of the national approved metropolitan area development plan, Shenyang formulated the annual work plan, and did a good job in the publicity and interpretation, task decomposition, organization and implementation of the plan.

"We need to continue to work hard to make the goal a reality as soon as possible and let more people enjoy a high-quality life earlier."The relevant person in charge of Shenyang Municipal Development and Reform Commission stressed.

Reporter Liu Guodong