4 districts of Shenyang are on the national lists
Source: Shenyang WeChat Official Account 2023-12-07

On December 5,the list of the top 100 main urban districts in China in terms of comprehensive competitiveness and other lists were released.Four districts in Shenyang are listed!

They are Heping District,Shenhe District,Dadong District and Hunnan District!

The list was compiled by Jixia Think Tank according to the indicator system of Analysis and Evaluation on the Economic Development of County in China issued by the National Academy of Economic Strategy of CASS.

On the basis of the calculation of the comprehensive competitiveness index of the new urban districts with a GDP of more than CNY 35 billion each and the main urban districts with a GDP of more than CNY 70 billion each, the lists of the national top 100 main urban districts and the national top 100 new urban districts were formed respectively.

In terms of the main urban districts, Heping District ranks 49th and continues to maintain its position as No.1 in NE China, ranking one place higher than last year; Shenhe District ranks 72nd, ranking three places higher than last year; and Dadong District ranks 92nd, ranking six places higher than last year.

In terms of new urban districts, Hunnan District ranks 50th, ranking six places higher than last year, and is the only new urban district on the list in the three northeastern provinces.

The urban quality of Shenyang continues to improve,and the city becomes more vibrant, attractive and charming.Thumbs up!