Liaozhong District anchors the goal of "building a demonstration area of integrated urban-rural development and building a sub-center of Shenyang"
Source: Shenyang Daily 2023-02-01

On January 29, Liaozhong District held a special action mobilization and deployment conference of "New breakthrough in Revitalization, I Want to be a Pioneer" to mobilize the whole district to anchor the target direction of "integrated urban-rural development and building a sub-center of Shenyang". Taking the special action as the starting point, Liaozhong District will firmly set the target, firm confidence, press ahead and strive to take the lead with higher standards, greater efforts and more concrete measures. Liaozhong District will make new strides, achieve new results and achieve new breakthroughs in all the work.

In 2023, Liaozhong District will take the initiative to integrate into the general pattern of Shenyang's revitalization development, focus on the city's "12+1" track and strive to achieve leading breakthroughs, innovative breakthroughs, assertive breakthroughs, turnaround breakthroughs, growth breakthroughs and institutional breakthroughs.

Focusing on promoting regional synergistic development and accelerating the construction of a new pattern of regional development. Liaozhong District will take the initiative to undertake the function decentralization and population transfer of the central city of Shenyang, and build a new industrial expansion area, a trade and logistics distribution area, a modern agricultural demonstration area, a green development leading area, and an open up cooperative pioneering area. They will carry out the planning and construction of the core development plate of Liaozhong District with high standards, and build a spatial structure of "one core and four zones, two axes and two centers, four in one, and multi-point linkage". Promoting the integrated urban-rural development and accelerate the revitalization of the countryside in a comprehensive manner. Liaozhong District will focus on the construction of "six projects and one system" to comprehensively promote the revitalization of rural industries, talents, culture, ecology and organization. Centering on five industrial chains, Liaozhong District will focus on building an agricultural industrialization system. Liaozhong District will deepen the reform of supply and marketing cooperatives and specialized farmer cooperatives, improve the interest connection mechanism, and expand the new business entities. Liaozhong District will take the central town and characteristic town as an important carrier of integrated development, upgrade the level of national industrial strong town such as Yangshigang and Xiaozhaimen, accelerate the construction of Ciyutuo into a small city, and create a multi-level urban and rural integrated development node.

Liaozhong District will focus on the central task of strengthening leading industries, focusing on the layout of emerging industrial chains such as energy conservation and environmental protection, intelligent manufacturing, trade logistics, bonded warehousing and processing, targeting the Fortune Global 500 enterprises and domestic industry leaders, large state-owned enterprises to attract investment. Liaozhong will strive to sign 120 projects with more than 100 million RMB Yuan, land 70 projects, resume 120 projects and put 50 projects into operation. Liaozhong District will actively integrate into the construction of Shenyang National Advanced Equipment Manufacturing Industry Base, focus on building key industrial chains such as automobile and parts, high-end equipment manufacturing, energy conservation and environmental protection, and cultivate the "new" industry of automobile and after-market. Liaozhong District will further implement the "5G + Industrial Internet" action plan and the construction and upgrading project of digital parks, and speed up the construction of a modern industrial system with diversified support and high-quality development.

Liaozhong District will be built as an important strategic node of the land and sea corridor in Northeast China, an international logistics distribution center in Northeast Asia and a window for opening up in Shenyang. Liaozhong District will comprehensively deepen the development and construction of comprehensive bonded zones and development zones, with bulk commodity trade and processing as the main direction to promote the implementation of more than 50 projects under negotiation as soon as possible. Liaozhong district will vigorously develop the transit trade, speed up the construction of the "highway, railway and sea" multimodal transport logistics industrial park, and accelerate the construction of designated timber ports. Liaozhong District will speed up the construction of the customs supervision station of the offshore railway station, and the China-Europe freight train will enter the station within this year.

Liaozhong District will attract and nurture new dynamic energy, encourage the introduction and cultivation of a number of financial institutions, create a number of national and provincial key laboratories, enterprise technology centers and other innovation platforms, and cultivate and gather first-class scientific and technological leaders and innovation teams. Liaozhong District will deepen the reform of development zones and comprehensive bonded zones, optimize the integration mechanism of economic sectors and parks, and improve the system of "management committee + platform company". They will push forward the reform of state-owned assets and state-owned enterprises, continue to optimize the corporate governance structure, launch the shareholding reform of the subsidiaries of holding groups and list them on the New Third Board.

They will also deepen the reform of government functions, promote the reform of "one-stop government services" and "separating permits from the business license", and strive to create a business environment that is "convenient, law-based, cost-competitive and eco-livable", so as to stimulate market vitality and social creativity, and boost high-quality development.

Liaozhong District will participate in the whole chain, join the special action, and ignite the powerful engine of revitalization development by converging one "small breakthrough" into a torch.

Reporter Xu Na, Qin Jiashuai