Sujiatun District and Power China Road Bridge Group Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement of 10 billion RMB Yuan
Source: Shenyang Daily 2023-01-20

On January 19, the main leaders of CPC Sujiatun District Committee and Sujiatun District People's Government met with Zhou Tiejun, general manager of Power China Road Bridge Group Co., Ltd. and his delegation. The two sides discussed the cooperation projects and signed a strategic cooperation agreement of 10 billion RMB Yuan.

As a resource integration platform, mode innovation platform, capital innovation platform and business collaboration platform affiliated to Power Construction Corporation of China, a Fortune Global 500 enterprise, specializing in infrastructure business and ecological environment construction business, the company holds honorary titles such as "Top 100 Competitive Enterprises in China's Construction Industry", "Top 100 Enterprises with the Most Growth Force in China's Construction Industry" and "Top 50 Comprehensive Strength in China's Construction Industry".

Power China Road Bridge Group Co., Ltd. plans to invest 10 billion RMB Yuan to actively participate in the urban construction and development of Sujiatun District, and carry out all-round and in-depth cooperation in the whole industrial chain in planning, survey and design, investment, construction and operation. They play their industry advantages in comprehensive water environment management, focusing on participating in water resources protection and development, comprehensive river improvement, water conservancy projects, water conservation projects, sewage treatment facilities, drainage network facilities, flood control and drainage facilities construction and upgrading in Beishahe River basin to create a green ecological belt and achieve green re-upgrading.

Sujiatun District actively promotes cooperation with state-owned enterprises, giving full play to the policy and capital advantages of state-owned enterprises and promoting their participation in urban renewal, infrastructure construction, industrial transfer and other projects. The Sinopharm Smart Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Industrial Park project with an investment of 1.2 billion RMB Yuan has been signed and the construction will start this year. Liming Aviation Industrial Park project is also in the early stage of infrastructure construction work, and is negotiating cooperation with China Resources, COFCO Corporation, China MCC22 Group Corporation Ltd. and other state-owned enterprises in various fields. The signing with Power China Road Bridge Group Co., Ltd. is one of the theme activities of "Working with State-owned Enterprises to Create the Future" in Sujiatun District in 2023. In the future, a series of investment promotion activities for state-owned enterprises will be held.

Reporter Li Li