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The place to enjoy intangible culture heritages
Source: Shenyang WeChat Official Account 2023-03-01

Enjoying the arts

of the Tang School of Peking Opera

and "Han, Hua and Xiao" Schools

of the Pingju Opera;


the armor and helmet of military officers,

embroidered dragon costumes…

Shenyang Intangible Culture Heritage Museum

is so charming!

Go for a visit!


4th Floor, Shenyang Art Building,

No. 96, Quanyun 3rd Road, Hunnan District

Shenyang Intangible Culture Heritage Museum, established by Shenyang Public Culture Service Center (Shenyang Culture Performing Center), is the protection and utilization base of Shenyang intangible culture heritages. The first phase of the museum covers an area of 130 square meters and is the first comprehensive intangible culture heritage exhibition hall established by a professional troupe in China, where Shenyang intangible culture heritage resources and intangible culture heritage protection achievements are intensively displayed.

In the exhibition hall, the costumes, props and other articles worn by the inheritors of intangible culture heritages and old artists are mainly displayed. There is the precious Diancui "Toumian" (headdress) and the hand-made dragon robes and python robes for the plays, as well as the repertoire instructions, books, calligraphy and paintings in the early 1950s and the national and provincial trophies and certificates won by Shenyang intangible culture heritage projects.

The exhibition hall also sets up an "Intangible Culture Heritage Classroom", inviting the intangible culture heritage inheritors from the affiliated theaters of Shenyang Culture Performing Center to tell the intangible culture heritage inheritance stories to visitors irregularly.

At present, Shenyang Public Culture Service Center (Shenyang Culture Performing Center) is building and launching an immersive exhibition mode of "four viewings and one telling", namely "viewing the exhibition hall, viewing places behind the scenes, viewing rehearsals, viewing performances, and telling the history of drama".

Let's go

and enjoy intangible culture heritages!