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Prefabricated dishes industry booms here
Source: Shenyang WeChat Official Account 2023-02-27

Even the kitchen "green hand"

can become a "chef" in a short time

with the help of prefabricated dishes.

Have you tried

the convenient, fast and varied

prefabricated dishes?

On February 26,

the Founding Conference

of Liaoning

Prefabricated Dishes Industry Association

and Shenyang

Prefabricated Dishes Industry

Promotion Conference

was held in Shenbei New District.

Prefabricated dishes are finished or semi-finished dishes made from one or more agricultural products as the main raw materials in standardized line production including pre-processing (cutting, mixing, pickling, molding, seasoning, etc.) and pre-cooking (frying, deep-frying, baking, boiling, steaming, etc.) and pre-packaging.

Prefabricated dishes

are connected to fields

and consumer tables,

which breeds

a trillion-level market.

Shenyang has taken the initiative

to seize the development opportunity

of the prefabricated dishes industry!

✔ Shenyang will build more than 100 raw material supply bases of prefabricated dishes, where the direct supply of the base will ensure the quality and safety of raw materials;

✔ Introduce and cultivate a group of prefabricated dishes head enterprises with an annual output value of more than CNY 100 million, and establish the prefabricated dishes industry alliance.

✔Build a batch of prefabricated dishes industrial parks and clusters with an annual output value of more than CNY 10 billion to realize agglomeration and development of the industry.

✔ Launch the "Liaoning and Shenyang Prefabricated" series of prefabricated dishes to create a well-known brand of prefabricated dishes that highlight the characteristics of Liaoning cuisine;

✔ Form a development pattern that focuses on raw material supply and food processing in county areas, central kitchen and cold chain logistics in suburban areas, and catering distribution and e-commerce services in urban areas, to build an important prefabricated dishes base in the province and even in the country.

The future

of Shenyang prefabricated dishes

is worth looking forward to!