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"Unmanned economy" in Shenyang
Source: Shenyang WeChat Official Account 2022-10-28

Drink a cup of robot-made latte,

eat a robot-delivered meal,

wash your car

at an unattended car wash shop,

check out by yourself

at an unattended clothing store...

Nowadays,with the continuous innovation of automation,big data,AI and other technical means,unmanned coffee shops,unmanned car wash shops,unmanned pharmacies,unmanned hotels and other businesses are constantly emerging in Shenyang.

These rich"unmanned economy"business formats not only bring great convenience to people,but also bring far-reaching influence to Shenyang people's economic life.

According to the data of,there are more than 100,000 unmanned technology-related enterprises nationwide,and there are about 2218 public-registered related enterprises in Shenyang.

Unmanned warehouses,unmanned self-service photo studios,unmanned self-service car washing,unmanned massage chairs...

These emerging new business formats show a strong momentum of the development of"unmanned economy".

In recent years,Shenyang has vigorously promoted the innovative development of the new generation of AI industry,and has successively issued several policy documents such as Development Plan of Shenyang's New Generation of AI(2018-2030) and Several Policies and Measures on Improving the Scientific and Technological Innovation Ability in the New Development Stage to vigorously support the development of AI industry and strive to create an AI industry innovation ecology.

There are more and more

"unmanned economies".

Are you satisfied

with these new business formats?