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Express service enters factory!
Source: Shenyang WeChat Official Account 2023-03-17

At first glance, the SF Express Dapan outlet located on No. 21 Kaifa Road looks no different from other express outlets. At around 4:00 pm, Sun Zhimeng drove off in a 4.2-meter-long van. "BMW has placed an order, and I will go into the factory with colleagues to pick up the delivery".

A few minutes later, Sun Zhimeng and his colleagues arrived at the BMW Tiexi Plant. In the outbound area, the auto parts to be shipped have been packed. After being scanned, picked up, and loaded for transportation, these auto parts from BMW will embark on an express journey of "sky net+land net+information net".

Unlike ordinary outlet couriers who pick up a piece of clothing or a pair of shoes door-to-door, what the couriers at the SF Express Dapan outlet located in the China-Germany Equipment Manufacturing Industrial Park in Shenyang pick up are valuable auto parts.The customers they serve are more than 30 automobile and component manufacturers such as BMW Tiexi Plant and Michelin Tires. Most of their shipments are automobile parts and small equipment, with a daily business volume of over 300 pieces and an annual business volume of over 100,000 pieces.

Shenyang express industry helps enterprises reduce logistics costs by innovating the service mode of express service into factories. "Express service entering factory" not only improves the operational efficiency of enterprises, but also improves the industrial competitiveness.

In the next step, Shenyang Municipal Postal Administration will promote more express delivery enterprises to expand the service chain, and deeply integrate the pre-production, mid-production, and post-production of the automobile manufacturing industry, to further accelerate "the achievement of new breakthroughs in the development of advanced manufacturing industry" in Shenyang.

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