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The local supporting rate of Shenyang key industrial chain head enterprises can reach 40 percent this year
Source: Shenyang Daily 2023-01-04

On January 2, the reporter saw in Xinmin City Auto Parts Industrial Park that part of the roads and supporting pipe network in the park had been completed, and the other facilities and supporting work of related projects were being carried out in an orderly way. The person in charge of the project introduced that after the completion of the industrial park in 2024, it will achieve an output value of 5 billion RMB Yuan and form a pull for the development of the automobile industry in Xinmin and around Shenyang.

Shenyang takes the industrial park as an important carrier to maintain the safety and stability of industrial chain and supply chain, focuses on the article of "collection", continuously improves the efficiency and quality of the supporting parks for head enterprises, expands the scale and quantity of special industrial parks, and accelerates the construction of "10+20" industrial park system. Relying on industrial head enterprises such as BMW Brilliance, Shenyang Blower Works (Group) Co., Ltd, TBEA, AVIC Shenyang Aircraft Company Limited and Northern Heavy Industries Group Co.,Ltd., Shenyang plans to build 10 supporting parks for head enterprises and 20 key special industrial parks, and makes every effort to build supporting clusters for head enterprises and new highlands of regional special industries. At present, 129 enterprises have settled in the city's "10+20" industrial parks, covering aerospace, digital economy, intelligent manufacturing, auto parts, life sciences, industrial design and other fields, with a total investment of more than 7.3 billion RMB Yuan.

The relevant person in charge of Shenyang Bureau of Industry and Information Technology introduced that Shenyang "10 + 20" industrial park has been expanded to "12 + 24", that is, the head enterprise supporting park has been expanded to 12, special industrial parks expanded to 24,36 industrial parks all started construction. In this process, Shenyang has accelerated the construction of a special park ecosystem integrated with "research, production and city", established "one park, one fund and one bank", "one park, one chain" and other park supply chain financial systems, helped enterprises expand credit and financing channels, introduced 3.115 billion RMB Yuan of cooperative funds, obtained financing credit of 2.4 billion RMB Yuan, and formulated guidance for rewarding head enterprises to stimulate them to release order enthusiasm. It is expected that by 2023, the local support rate of key industry chain head enterprises in Shenyang will be increased to 40 percent.

Reporter Huang Chao