The data of "the seventh national population census" released:
Shenyang has a permanent resident population of 9.07 million
Source: Shenyang Daily 2021-06-02

On June 1, Shenyang released the key data of the seventh national population census. According to the results of the census : at 00:00,on November 1, 2020(the standard census time-point),the city has a permanent resident population of 907,093(including Wangjia Sub-district and Shenjingzi Sub-district of Shenfu Reform and Innovation Demonstration Zone whose administrative divisions are of Shenyang, with a total population of 42312, and the same statistical caliber as the sixth national population census).

The permanent resident population is sustainable growth. Comparing with the 8,106,200 people in the sixth national population census in 2010, it has an increase of 963,900 people,11.89%, and an average annual increase of 1.13%.

The new bridge above the water adds tranquility, and convenience for citizens to pass through the park on June 1, a newly-built road bridge in the Youth Park in Shenhe District not only adds a landscape to the park, but also makes it more convenient for citizens to pass through the park.

(Zhang Wenkui)