People embrace 2023 in Shenyang
Source: Shenyang WeChat Official Account 2023-01-03

How did you greet the arrival of 2023

during this New Year holiday?

The cultural performances

during the New Year holiday

in Shenyang

are rich and wonderful.

Many Shenyang citizens

started the year of 2023

in singing, music,

laughter and reading.

Reading a book

in the sound of the piano

At 9:00 on January 1, the soft piano sound started to spread in the stairway square of Jiuwu Culture City. At the scene, the citizens listened to wonderful music while reading.

In addition, the Jiuwu Culture City also launched the "Happy New Year's Day" activity, and invited jazz bands and the Liuheshe Crosstalk to give wonderful performances to the public.

Starting the first day of the new year

in culture bazaars

On January 1, the Rhino Bazaar was held in 1905 Re-creative Space. There were concerts, public lectures, talk shows and other performances. In addition, there was delicacy and art, and even the corridor space was full of creative experience.

Starting the new year in Symphony

During the New Year holiday, there were three "New Year Concerts" in Shenyang, bringing audio-visual feast to the elegant art lovers in Shenyang. Sun Zhe, a citizen, said, "I feel very ritualistic to start the new year in symphony."

Greeting the new year

in admiring the national treasures

During the New Year holiday, Liaoning Provincial Museum also became a popular destination. "Harmony and Unity in China", "Blue and White Porcelain of the Yuan Dynasty", "Liaoning Paleontological Fossils Exhibition" and other exhibitions were continuously held in the museum. In order to cooperate with the exhibition, the museum also launched a number of social education activities.

The year of 2023 has begun.

Come and share your new year's story!