The Trade and Commercial logistic Hub of Northeast China
The Trade and Commercial logistic Hub of Northeast China

  Shenyang is the largest collecting and distributing center for commodities in the Northeast , it is also the market for essential factors of science and technology , talent and labor force at the national level. In recent years, with the rapid expansion of integral scale of commercial circulation, a brand-new structure for commercial and trade circulation has taken shape in Shenyang. With swift growth of the trade fair and conference industry , hundreds of exhibitions are held in Shenyang every year on the average. It has already established trade relationships with over 180 countries and regions in the world , its products are on sale all over the world.


Taiyuan Street—Shopping heaven

  Taiyuan Street is a famous commercial downtown street in northeast China and merchants come in large numbers.
   There are over 200 shops here ,including Zhongxing –Shenyang Commercial Building, Shenyang New World Depart-ment Store, and so on ,attracting over 400,000 customers everyday , and it is praised as the “shopping heaven”. Nowadays Taiyuan Street is drawing attention of more and more traders: global commercial tycoons have settled down in Taiyuan Street one after another, such as Wall-Mart ,the global retail giant; Times Warner , the B&Qfrom Britain, and so on . A newer modernized commercial street is towering.



Middle Street ---the earliest commercial street in the Northeast

   Middle Street is located at the central part of Shenyang as an ancient city, hence the name . It war set up in 1636, and it war the earliest commercial street in the Northeast. Over the past 360-odd years , Middle Street has always been a treasured place for commerce where each inch of land is invaluable. Now its historical appearance is still visible through The Jishun Silk House, Tianyitang Pharmacy ,Zhonghefu Tea Store established in the Qing Dynasty; and Neijinsheng Shoe Shop, Taihe Store , Hengdeli Watch and Glasses Shop in the early years of Republic of China. The current Middle Street is a commercial pedestrian mall with a full length of 1500 meters, there are more than 300 shops, attracting 500,000 to 600,000 of customers flow everyday, and over one million customers are received during festivals and holidays.


Sanhao Street ---The Silicon Valley

  Sanhao Street is the sole computer market entitled to use the name “China”. Ten-odd large-scale scientific and technological business building and over 1000 scientific and technological sales departments, such as China Computer Software Town , Digital Times Square, NEU-Alpine Computer World Square, Buynow, Information Industry Building, Chengda Technological Building, and si in , emphatically perform research and development and operate various products, software and audio and video products pertaining to computers; the street is praised as “The Silicon valley” and it is one of the five main computer markets in China . Sanhao Street has become a collecting and distributing center for IT products throughout China , it is well-known all over the country and there are more than 3200 enterprises.



Wuai Market---the largest wholesale market for small commodities in the North

   Wuai Market---the largest wholesale market for small commodities in the Northern China, and it is renowned at home and abroad. It covers an area of 139,000 square meters, and the daily flow of customers is 300,000person-times on the average and 400,000 person-times during festivals and holidays, the annual volume of business is RMB 20 billion, Its main businesses items are over twenty thousand varieties in 14 categories, such as clothes, shoes, hats, small general merchandise, knitwear, cloths, boxes, bags, household electrical appliances, gift and souvenir, articles of daily use , beauty and hairdressing products , instant snacks, bedclothes, and so on.


Xita Street---Night-town

  Xita Street is the largest Korean nationality style street of china, it is also an area where ROK funded enterprises are concentrated. With the reputation of a night-town, it is a good place for leisure recreation in Shenyang at night where restaurants, public place of entertainment, business shops, local delicacies, teahouses,song and dance are all available.




Information Office of the People′s Government of Shenyang,China