A City with Forest Environment Protection of China
A City with Forest Environment Protection of China

  Shenyang is a model city for environmental protection of China, a national forest city and a national garden greening city . Shenyang is aimed at creating optimal city environment in the north , and the residents enjoy “a quiet living environment, a comfortable residing environment, a safe dietary environment and a clean and city surrounding environment.”


Remarkable Achievement in Pollution Treatment

  Shenyang’s government has been attaching importance to environmental protection and focusing its mind on developing superior industries so as to promote their inner quality. It has realized overall standard discharge in industrial enterprises, reaching the advanced level among cities in treatment rate of domestic sewage.


Sparing no effort Building a waterfront city

According to the target of forging a “waterfront city”,it carried out large-scale comprehensive renovation and construction along urban segment of Hunhe River, Wulihe Park , Shenshuiwan Park and a 10-kilometer long green ecological corridor are completed along both banks of Hunhe River. A batch of man-made lakes have been reconstructed, and the reaching standard rate of water quality at urban water function area and that at water head site for centralized potable water have both been kept at 100%steadily , the area rate at area of water surface within the third loop has been increased to 3.75%.


Atmospheric control Realizing breakthrough

  In the atmospheric control, standardized environmental protection has bee realized in 100 large-sized boiler houses, the acceptance rate of tail exhaust from motor vehicles has been increased by 20.2% for three years in succession, triple round-the-city ecological protection system with a total length of 500 kilometers has been construct, the greening rate at urban area is multiplied , and the water system and road are broadened , as a result , the number of days with excellent air quality has reached 317 days in Shenyang.



Rebuilding roads Improving environment

   All the main streets are brightened all the year round, the availability rate of road is raised from 75%to 95%, 71 model ecological residential quarters that are environmental-friendly and 40 “Serene residential quarters” have been constructed. “Comprehensive environmental renovation in 100 villages and towns” is implemented, and the overall target of brightening hygienic thoroughfare at each environmental-friendly village has been realized in 100 urban towns.


A Forest City with Ecological Environment

  Shenyang is reputed as a forest city as its total area of green space is up to 99 square kilometers and per capita public green space 9.8 square meters. It has established successively 13 natural reserves with 13.52 percent of coverage, developing its protection category from single plant ecology into wetland, ancient culture, natural and humane relices. A wind-breaking and sand-fixing ecological function conservation area has been established covering an area of 2300 square kilometer. From 2000 to 2005 the number of planted trees totaled to 19 million, equal to 150 percent of the amount of forest reserved for 300 years.


Information Office of the People′s Government of Shenyang,China