Old residential communities will get renovated
Source: Shenyang WeChat Official Account 2023-03-15

Invest CNY 11.12 billion

and plan to renovate

800 old residential communities!

In 2023,

Shenyang will make great efforts

to renovate old residential communities!

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During 2023-2025, Shenyang will organize the renovation of 1122 old residential communities: 800 residential communities will be renovated in 2023; 322 residential communities will be renovated in 2024; the renovation of the old residential communities in the whole city will be reviewed, traced and improved again in 2025.At the same time, Shenyang will also renovate 300 kilometers of old heating pipe networks.

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In 2023, Shenyang plans to renovate 800 old residential communities with a total investment of CNY 11.12 billion. The scale of renovation is unprecedented.

In order to perform a good renovation of old residential communities this year, all district governments have selected 129 "people's designers". Before the renovation of each old residential communities, on the basis of fully listening to the residents' suggestions, the "people's designers" will revise and improve the design scheme, and coordinate the opinions and requirements of residents' suggestions, professional design, national standards and other aspects to ensure that the design scheme respects the residents' opinions and conforms to the design standards.

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In addition, in 2023, Shenyang plans to renovate 50 kilometers of heating pipe networks and strives to complete 130 kilometers. After the heating period ends this year, the Municipal Real Estate Bureau will promptly add the pipe network with faults and hidden dangers into the renovation plan and implement the renovation.

Revitalize the vitality

of old residential communities!

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